Well, it still beats being a dishwasher.


CareerCast released The 2015 Jobs Rated Report, which found lawyers ranking only slightly higher than dishwashers. Judge ranked 75 out of 200.

Rank-and-file attorneys were much lower. Coming in at 125, Attorney was ranked just below Funeral Director (124), and just above Carpenter and Sewage Plant Operator (tied for 126). For perspective, Maid ranked 128 and Dishwasher ranked 129. Corporate Executive (Senior) ranked 136. Coming in dead last, at 200, was Newspaper Reporter. On the other hand, top ranked was Actuary.

Read about how the study was conducted at 2015 Jobs Rated Methodology. No doubt, factors like emotional environment (like "Degree of competitiveness"), employment growth, stress (including deadlines, competitiveness, and meeting the public) were key in lawyers' low ranking.

Even so, many careers are what you make of them. Happiness is where you find it. What steps have you taken to be happier in your life as a lawyer?