Face-Time Matters


In this era of email, texting, telecommuting, the evils of meetings, does meeting people face-to-face still matter? Yes. In fact, we often forget the value and importance of in-person interaction. Even initial screening interviews for lawyers are often done by phone or by video conferencing like Skype.

But in-person communication skills are critical for career development and job success. Lee Michael Katz's "The Case for Face Time: Nothing beats in-person communication with employees" in SHRM's HR Magazine takes a look at some of the enduring benefits of meeting with colleagues in-person. 

Meeting, even occasionally, in-person helps build team commitment and trust, and facilitate cross-divisional communication as well as mentoring relationships with supervising attorneys. 

Also keep in mind that in many cultures outside the U.S., in-person meetings are a non-starter to conduct business.

Two of my favorite tips from the article: