Graying of Law Firms and Cognitive Decline


The graying of law firms has been a topic of much discussion because of the impact it has on the progression of the legal careers of younger lawyers. But there are also other ramifications: 200,000 people under 65 have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease alone. That doesn't include other age-related forms of cognitive decline. 

Carole Fleck's "A Lot to Lose: Cognitive impairment is a sad reality that will likely become more common as the workforce ages. Communication and compassion are key to handling the issue with care" in SHRM's HR Magazine examines the numbers related to our aging workforce as well as what employers (and colleagues) can do about it. 

There are many times of cognitive changes. If you see a fellow law firm partner or other attorney experiencing problems, SHRM has recommendations to help you broach the subject and help your colleague get assistance. (This is also a growing issue for both in-house employment lawyers and outside counsel, so if you're looking for a growing subspecialty, this may it.)