Diversity in Legal and Executive Leadership Helps Companies Win


Mentors are critical for lawyers' career development and success, says Laura Stein, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of The Clorox Company, says in this interview with Casey Sullivan, Senior Editorial Director of Bloomberg BNA Big Law Business. In her keynote talk for Bloomberg BNA Big Law Business' Diversity & Inclusion summit in San Francisco, Stein discusses her career path. She talks about some of the attorneys who supported her and ensured she had the opportunities and resources to build her legal skill set, as well as her transition from outside counsel to in-house counsel.

In addition to discussing her own career path, Stein talks about broader issues within the legal profession, like: 

  • How diversity helps companies win in the marketplace, and diversity as an issue of economic / competitive advantage

  • How and why corporate legal departments take diversity into account when allocating their outside legal spend

  • Biggest impediments to diversity in the legal profession, particularly in law firms

  • Impact of the financial pressures of the Great Recession on law firms, in-house counsel, development of junior talent, and inclusion

  • Effect of implicit bias related to gender, race, ethnicity, and more on career development of lawyers