No Social Media Presence, No Job?


How important is LinkedIn to getting that new legal job? In "LinkedIn Losing Its Luster for Lawyers? Top 10 Reasons for Attorneys to be on LinkedIn," I outlined why it's so key for attorneys to be on LinkedIn, regardless of the platform's flaws. SHRM, with Ascendo Resources, surveyed 400 HR professionals from among its membership and put numbers to the issue:

  • 87% said it was "very important" or "somewhat important" for job seekers to be on LinkedIn

  • 83% said it was important for job seekers to be on relevant professional networking sites

  • 77% suggested job seekers have a complete LinkedIn profile

  • 65% had sourced new hires through social media, with 57% having done so through LinkedIn

We all know that lawyers are late adopters, but it's important to note that figures related specifically to the legal sector also demonstrate the importance of social media in general and LinkedIn in particular to career transitions – 78% said presence was important for job hunters in legal occupations.


Again, HR professionals recommend complete, active, regularly updated LinkedIn profiles.


Read the key findings of SHRM's Sept. 2015 study, "The Importance of Social Media for Job Seekers and Recruiters"