Globalization and Lawyers in Emerging Economies


How are lawyers involved in creating the foundations and fundamental values of society? How does this play out in emerging economies and newer states like India? What do concepts like “due process” and “justice” mean in other cultures? Gopal Subramanium — Senior Advocate before the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court, Former Solicitor General of India from 2009 to 2011, and former chair of the Bar Council of India during the same period — addresses these questions and more in “Democracy and Due Process: Leveraging the Law for a Just Outcome” as part of Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession’s speaker series on building a meaningful career in the law.

A must-watch for lawyers considering careers involving comparative constitutional law, as well as for lawyers with American companies and other clients operating in other countries. (Take a look also at What Does It Take to Be an International Lawyer Today?)

(Since the camera was turned on too early, fast forward to 11:50 which is where HLS Prof. David Wilkins and HLS Prof. Diane Rosenfeld start their introductions. Subramanium’s actual presentation starts 15:40.)