Finding Your True North In – or Out – of Law

Paula E. Boggs, a fellow Johns Hopkins alum, has filled many different roles in her long legal career, including partner at Preston Gates & Ellis in Seattle (now K&L Gates), vice president and senior deputy general counsel of Dell, and general counsel and then executive vice president of law and corporate affairs at Starbucks. Today, she's the leader of the Paula Boggs Band, her "true north." When called to speak on legal career paths, and leaving the law, "she tells audiences to stay connected to their own true north, even if life requires other things of them."

“My message is not to abandon your obligations to pay student loans,” Boggs says, in an in-depth profile "In law and music, surmounting new challenges has defined Paula Boggs' career" by Lorelei Laird, ABA Journal Legal Affairs Writer. Boggs advises lawyers to “find ways to stay in touch with that passion. Because failure to do that will lead to you being less than the whole you.”