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much, much needed

​"I hadn’t appreciated how important the older parts of my career might be on my résumé. I feel very good with where we’re headed. I like the idea of talking at a higher level about more. I really really think it’s terrific. It’s a huge change. A major surgery—which is clearly what’s required. This has been really eye-opening, very helpful, and much, much needed."​

- Legal executive positioning for GC roles

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I could not be happier.

“​Philosophically we are very aligned, and that’s not easy to do! My wife—she’s a business executive—​and I have struggled for a long time on how to present my career. And we really like how you overcame that challenge. I’ve liked your idea about bringing to life the time period and the description of the employers. One thing my wife said is that it’s a more interesting document to read. I mean, this document is *so* much more interesting, and it will make the conversations and job interviews much more interesting.​ ​You’ve been amazing to work with. I could not be happier.”

- Global Chief Compliance Officer for world-known cosmetics brand

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I’ve been really struggling

“I seriously appreciate this advice. I’ve been really struggling with interviewers, and I didn’t understand why until now. I’m glad to have a way of more proactively addressing the problem—before red flags are raised about why I’m applying for these jobs.”

- Former GC downshifting to senior counsel roles

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You have a magic process

“It’s like night and day how different the résumé is and how much I’m excited about it. Thank you a million times over. You should be getting a ton of referrals from me. I have been bragging about how awesome the résumé is and how great it is working with you. You have a magic process.”

- General Counsel for one of the world’s largest retailers

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My old résumé just hasn’t worked

“My old résumé just hasn’t worked. Content aside, I just haven’t been not sure what a good résumé looks like and feels like. I’ve seen a lot of contradictory advice, and I haven’t known what I should be shooting for. Seeing how you phrase things... it’s obvious you’ve been doing this for a long time! I appreciate what you’ve done.​”


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I spoke to a recruiter this week

“I’m grateful you’ve been able to translate what I do and have done into something that makes sense and really shows my legal skills. When you’re in it every day, it’s hard to step back and see the value you bring. I’m much more comfortable with the new résumé. It’s more reflective of my value. I spoke to a recruiter this week and they said the résumé was fabulous and asked where I got it done. Again thank you very much. This whole thing has been so incredibly helpful.”

- General Counsel

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