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I’ve done a lot of stuff!

"I’m realizing that I’ve done a lot of stuff! Talking to you has helped me understand how I can do a better of translating my government experience to the private sector. I’m really glad we had these conversations. Your framing of things has really helped me a lot and it’s been great to watch you work.”

- Senior generalist moving from government to start-ups

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I’m starting to advocate for myself.

“I’ve been more than impressed. I cannot even tell you how impressed I am. I’ve told so many people about you. This process effects everything—even confidence. When you do the résumé the way we've done it, I realized how much experience I actually had. Thanks to you, I’m starting to advocate for myself. I needed someone from the outside to help me understand what I bring to the table. This experience with you has been fantastic. Your advice has been worth every minute. Thank you again.”

- Corporate lawyer

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changes a person’s perspective

“I hope you understand how important the service is that you provide for people who are struggling with getting a new job. You come in and put something together that changes a person’s perspective on the entire situation. I mean job hunting is a pain. And it’s stressful. You have a gift. I’m going to be recommending hordes of people to you.”

- Corporate associate

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I appreciate you

“I’ve been in my corporate counsel rolewhich you helped me landsince 2014. It’s been challenging, but really great. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and having built a relationship with you over the years. It means so much to me to be able to talk things through with you.”

- In-house counsel at Fortune 10 company

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