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I’m starting to advocate for myself.

“I’ve been more than impressed. I cannot even tell you how impressed I am. I’ve told so many people about you. This process effects everything—even confidence. When you do the résumé the way we've done it, I realized how much experience I actually had. Thanks to you, I’m starting to advocate for myself. I needed someone from the outside to help me understand what I bring to the table. This experience with you has been fantastic. Your advice has been worth every minute. Thank you again.”

- Corporate lawyer

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changes a person’s perspective

“I hope you understand how important the service is that you provide for people who are struggling with getting a new job. You come in and put something together that changes a person’s perspective on the entire situation. I mean job hunting is a pain. And it’s stressful. You have a gift. I’m going to be recommending hordes of people to you.”

- Corporate associate

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a fire in my belly

“I feel really good about the résumé. And I felt really good after our conversation. I think it’s what I needed to pull the information out and understand what’s going to be of interest to folks. I’ve actually already gotten a few reach outs from recruiters through LinkedIn, so I now have a fire in my belly to keep working together. It’s all making me feel better about my ability to generate business. I’m excited.”

- Award-winning IP lawyer for Fortune 500 companies and worldwide brands

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really caught the eye of employers

“I just started the job. I was in private jet yesterday! I got so much wonderful feedback from the résumé—everywhere I went, including friends and family too. It really caught the eye of employers. Plus, you’ve inspired to to really take charge of my career, including the network. I’m on it, Shauna!! I’m all over it. And it’s really been wonderful.”

- Senior corporate generalist in Fortune 500

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much, much needed

​"I hadn’t appreciated how important the older parts of my career might be on my résumé. I feel very good with where we’re headed. I like the idea of talking at a higher level about more. I really really think it’s terrific. It’s a huge change. A major surgery—which is clearly what’s required. This has been really eye-opening, very helpful, and much, much needed."​

- Legal executive positioning for GC roles

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I appreciate you

“I’ve been in my corporate counsel rolewhich you helped me landsince 2014. It’s been challenging, but really great. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and having built a relationship with you over the years. It means so much to me to be able to talk things through with you.”

- In-house counsel at Fortune 10 company

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