Jared Redick's Job Description Analysis

Jared Redick's Job Description Analysis


By Jared Redick

About the Author

Jared Redick works with stealth job seekers in the Fortune 50 and beyond—using the writing process as a tool for personal discovery and professional positioning. As an executive recruiter in New York and San Francisco for two nationally retained executive search firms, he conducted searches for Fortune 15 companies, top ten law firms, and leading nonprofits. He is the creator of Jared Redick’s Job Description Analysis tool, presently used by a leading university.

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Face the Tough Questions Head On

Used by recent grads to senior executives since 2009. Endorsed in 2015 by leaders at the University of California.

Jared Redick’s do-it-yourself Job Description Analysis helps people from all walks of life evaluate and set realistic next steps in their careers—mapping the intersection between where they’ve been and where they want to go.

Some use their findings to mindfully pursue a new career direction, while others identify technical gaps needed before taking their ideal next step.

Still others have a “What was I thinking?” moment—totally avoiding roles they don’t want to do after all, and potentially avoiding years of a unhappiness in the process.

The Job Description Analysis works no matter your seniority. All you need is a career direction you’d like to explore, the realization that you might be a few steps away from realizing your dream job, and a commitment to making it happen.

It’s not a career test. It won’t tell you the color of your parachute. It will give you a dose of what’s possible. After completing your JDA, you can work directly with the author to analyze and discuss career paths. Click here to schedule: Career Decision-making Using Jared Redick's Job Description Analysis