The 3-Step Secret to Landing Your Next Job Faster

The 3-Step Secret to Landing Your Next Job Faster


By Charlotte Weeks and Shauna C. Bryce, Esq.

About the Authors

Charlotte Weeks, a dual-certified career coach and résumé writer, is the President of Weeks Career Services, Inc. She specializes in helping executives find meaning in their work and advance in their careers.

Providing services of the highest quality, Charlotte begins by assessing each client’s needs and customizing individual solutions. These include writing effective career marketing documents as well as coaching on uncovering opportunities, preparing for interviews, and negotiating salary. She is also an international speaker and a past president of The National Résumé Writers’ Association.

Charlotte has served as a featured expert for media outlets including NBC, Time Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of “I Want to Work in an Association, Now What???:  A Guide to Getting a Job in a Professional Association, Membership Organization, or Society”and featured author of “101 Ways to Enhance Your Career.”

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Shauna C. Bryceis a Harvard Law School-educated lawyer who was on the hiring committee of an Am Law 200 law firm. She’s an author of several books, a contributor on legal careers to Forbes, Bloomberg Law, the American Bar Association, Lexis/Nexis, and many more, as well as an affiliate member of NALP and a president emeritus of The National Résumé Writers’ Association.

As one of the country’s best known résumé writers and career coaches, Shauna’s also worked with some of the nation’s top attorneys, who’ve worked places like Google, Dreamworks, Major League Baseball, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the White House.  She’s also helped those just starting their legal careers, including law students getting their résumés ready for on-campus interviews (OCIs), summer associate positions, law clerk positions, externships, internships, judicial clerkships, and first-year associate roles. She’s even coached Tier 4 law students to compete with students at Top 5 schools to land high paying jobs in Am Law 100 law firms. 

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Frustrated by not hearing back after applying to jobs online? Or want to learn a new way to find out about the hidden job market—the more than 80% of job opportunities that are never posted?

The 3-Step Secret To Finding Your Next Job Faster can help. Career experts Charlotte Weeks and Shauna C. Bryce have written this little e-book packed with everything you need to make this secret work for you, including a step-by-step plan, resources, and examples.